Contagiously Inspiring Stories for #PositiveImpact - #BrightVibes is dedicated to showing the good in the world and putting a big smile on your face.


Most traditional media cover the challenges our society faces relentlessly from a negative angle. Leaving many of us in a state of apathy or depressed. Now is the time to put positive change makers and their results in the spotlight. It is the goal to tell Contagiously Inspiring Stories that inspire us all to have a positive impact.


BrightVibes is working hard to become the international #1 mobile-first publishing platform for Contagiously Inspiring Stories. They curate and create visually rich, inspiring stories aimed at Young Thinking People. Their stories are worth watching, sharing and acting upon. The content is a mix of international and local stories, from big to small.


BrightVibes is all about counter acting the negative and fear driven press and news that surrounds us everyday.

Media organisations have a huge effect on the well being and general feeling of the population yet they keep resorting to driving fear into people in order to sell newspapers and drive viewers.

This leaves people numb and depressed and less likely to take action to help their fellow man.

Bright Vibes is all about taking a different angle on every story. There are plenty of people telling you why something is bad and what is going wrong with the world so you don't need another outlet doing that.

But how about someone telling what is going well with the world. To show you that even amidst a war there are heartwarming stories or people helping each other to get through the struggles.

Even amongst an election there are politicians who are really trying to do good and help the nation.

And during a national disaster we will show you some of the most inspiring people working every minute of the day purely to help others have a better life.

These things will inspire you to go out and do some good - or at the very least just put a big smile on your face knowing that not everyone is out to get you.

And you know if you can make one person smile then the rest of the world will follow suit!

Have a fantastic day and make it a happy one!

Ivo Valkenburg

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