Lars Zimmermann

Artist, Economist, Activist

Lars Zimmermann

Artist, Economist, Activist

Lars Zimmermann

Lars Zimmermann is an artist, economist, activist and author based in Berlin. He is involved in a variety of projects most of them are around Open Source & Sustainability (Circularity). He is a writer and does also public speaking.

Lars Zimmermann started a Youtube channel. On this page you can watch his first video he made on "What Is Open Source Circularity?“ It is his first video and he learned a bunch of things for future videos. But he thinks the quality is already good enough to make people understand Open Source Circularity and why we need it.

Lars Zimmermann

Open Source Circularity

The Circular Economy wants to keep materials in the economy. Save them – preserve them – for

the future. Avoid waste. Basically deal with planetary boundaries.

"Open Source Circularity – that sounds like world worth living in", according to Lars Zimmermann.

* It is a world that invites our creativity and intellect.

* A world that supplies us with what we need. Without having countries invading each other for resources. Because if we don’t burn resources or turn them into garbage there should be enough for all.

* It is a world that preserves nature and the biosphere. In such a world nature remains beautiful and rich everywhere.

* And it is a world that will provide us with a lot of free time! Because for a working circular economy we also need to consume much less! Therefore less production is needed. Which frees up or time. For other things.

* And it is a world where we are enabled to express our freedom and are not surveilled or controlled by large companies using the products around us.

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