Bjorn Aris

Return on People

Bjorn Aris

Return on People

Bjorn Aris

BJØRN ARIS (1965) has been studying Eastern martial arts and Zen philosophy for more than 25 years. He has been amongst Europe's top practitioners of the art of iaido within his league, the Japanese Way of the Sword. Since 2000, he has been working as a trainer and coach to middle and higher management in the business world. His strength lies in knowing how to combine Eastern ideas with his practical experience as a successful entrepreneur and a 12 year career as an investment banker.

Bjorn Aris

The Mental Bridging concept created by Bjørn Aris is focused on increasing the output (return, if you will) of employees. The training course focusses on utilizing both the rational (left brain) and the emotional (right brain) capacity of people. By bridging the left and right brain capacities employees are better able to work effectively and it will increase creative (out-of-the-box) thinking. It also allows employees to better handle working in stressful situations.

Outstanding results from TNO research on the Mental Bridging programme

In early 2012, academic research was done on the Mental Bridging programme by the Dutch Military Police, aided by the renowned research company, TNO.

In these times when there is increasing pressure on work staff, this unique programme, based on the Japanese Samurai Way of the Sword, provides an essential contribution to the balance and performance of employees and managers.

TNO research

Quantitative and qualitative research was done on a certain section of the Dutch Military Police at Schiphol airport. From this research, after they had taken part in the training programme, the following conclusions were drawn:

There was a significant increase in their situational awareness (living in and being alert in the here and now).

There was a noticeably significant increase in a general feeling of well-being.

It was noted that they trusted their own intuition significantly more.

Time and energy was used much more effectively, which helped to create a better work environment as well as leading to better results, .... and all with a much better feel about it.

In the beginning of January 2013 the INNOVATION PRIZE 2012 has been awarded to the Mental Bridging© programme by the Royal Dutch Militairy Police

Previous research (2007) has shown that participants remember 70% of the essentials (2-6 months after the training course has ended) and that 83% of the participants actually apply what they have learned into their daily (business) life.

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