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The Contentment Foundation

evidence-based wellbeing education

The Contentment Foundation

The Contentment Foundation is leading the way humanity understands, cultivates, and studies wellbeing. We share humanity’s most effective wellness practices through our three branches – childhood education, adult development, and scientific research.

The Contentment Foundations looks carefully at where science, philosophy, and human wellness intersect. Then, providing the world with philosophically grounded and scientifically evidenced practices that upgrade the mind, heart, and spirit. Simply put, finding humanity’s greatest treasures and share them with the world.

The people of the Contentment Foundation envision a world where all people realize that they are complete just as they are. The team is inspired to build communities that take an active role in reaching their fullest potential by practicing scientifically evidenced, philosophically grounded, and psychologically powerful wellbeing practices.

There are many organizations focused on alleviating external poverty, a lack of essential resources like food, water, shelter, education, and safety. The Contentment Foundation focuses on alleviating internal poverty, a poverty of the mind, heart, and spirit. It helps children and adults cultivate a sense of internal and indestructible abundance that is not affected by the external world. Our mission is to eliminate internal poverty worldwide, offering the world sustainable solutions toward experiencing indestructible abundance, always.

Often we hear an endless number of things that we should do to maximize our happiness – but why is it that in the pursuit of happiness, it always seems to be just outside of our grasp?

When we normally talk about happiness, what we usually mean is that we are looking for more of something – more money, more friends, more time, and more success. Our current ideals of happiness depend on constantly having more, which is neither sustainable nor possible. The great news is that for over 5,000 years, our ancestors have been focusing on contentment, a feeling of completeness and enoughness with what is present right now. Contentment is a sustainable form of wellbeing, just like solar power is a sustainable source of energy.

At the deepest core of human wellness is a sense of profound contentment, and uncovering it for yourself is your birthright. Contentment is a central theme in some of the most influential spiritual, philosophical, and scientific works in ancient and modern history. It is what most people really mean when they talk about true ‘happiness’. In fact, when our team searched through the world’s greatest philosophies, we found that they talk about contentment a lot, but rarely talk about happiness.

The Contentment Foundation promotes these ideas through child and adult-centered curricula, and studies them scientifically. In the end, we are simply translators that are taking the best of our human legacy and interpreting it for the modern mind. They are not reinventing the wellbeing wheel – instead making it accessible for everyone.


Dr. Daniel Cordaro is the founder and CEO of the Contentment Foundation, an educational transformation organization that helps teachers and students find the joy that is already inside of them.

Dr. Cordaro was formerly the director of the Universal Expression Project at UC Berkeley, where he earned his Ph.D. in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry. While there, he led a massive global team that decoded the human language of emotional expressions across over a dozen cultures. He and his team published the three largest studies on cross-cultural human emotion to date. The culmination of this work was when his team made first contact with a culturally isolated community high in the Himalayas of remote Bhutan.

At 30 years old, Dr. Cordaro became the Director of Wellbeing at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, where he taught a course on Human Emotion. He and his research team inaugurated a new branch of psychological research focusing on contentment - the feeling of completeness regardless of external circumstances. Together, they began to create an educational transformation program that would later become the Four Pillars of Wellbeing and the inspiration behind the Contentment Foundation.

In 2015, he founded The Contentment Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to promote and enhance human well-being in adults and children. In collaboration with U.C. Berkeley and Yale University, and with the support of more than 30 extraordinary experts across the globe, the foundation has developed a powerful program called the Four Pillars of Wellbeing. Their team offers simple, yet powerful tools that provides teachers, students, and adults strategies to navigate their inner worlds - rediscovering that they’re already complete as they are.

In 2019, The Contentment Foundation formally came out of stealth mode and launch their platform worldwide.

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