Mattijs van Moorsel, co-producer The Power of the Heart movie, for being so open to share freely amazing camera shots from his movie for the use of this website.  Joris Vincken, to develop this website with so much love & high professional standards. Peter Beemsterboer ( for sharing 2 brilliant pictures for free. The sea-lion at the homepage and the little girl reflecting in church. Nanda Lieftink for sharing the names of beautiful movers & shakers in society.   Mihai Sarbu from Sebes (Romania) for his great support and the inspired sessions. 

Mark Anielski (Canada), Irina Gherghilescu (Romana), Liliou Mace (France), Inez van Oord (Netherlands), Mischa Anna Selis (Netherlands), Willem Vreeswijk (Netherlands) for their spontaneous support to look for more examples of people, businesses and organizations making love visible in their life, at work or elsewhere. 
Photographer Annette Behrens for the beautiful picture with Lisanne, Jente en Chantal (Kromkommer). 
Lili Baumann for her countless blessings of love!

Jelle Bartels for his idea of a 'portfolio' website design and always ready to have a chat on the why, how and what of the initiative.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery for his wisdom: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Zenmaster Thich Nhat Hanh for lending his quote: "There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way." and use the word 'love' instead.

ODE to 28 Backers of PURE LIFE
(26 december 2015 - 22 januari 2016)

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Booktranslations Campaign
(5.529 euro)

They supported the translation of Louter Leven (Pure Life) from Dutch to English. In only 3 days! Thank you! 

(in order of coming in ...)

Leontine van Roosmalen

Jelle Bartels
Thom Boot 
Joris Vincken
Jeroen Bais

Lammert Koekoek
Jose de Graaf
Cécile Timmermans
Hubrien Meijaard
Lennart van Gastel

Karin van Geelen
Anoeska & Marcel Coopman
Vereniging Life Planners Nederland
Rein Teune
Jeroen Timmers

Madelon Engels
Baptist de Pape
Linda Ruigrok
Jeppe van Tricht
Jeannette Vaandrager

Alie van Geelen
Sebastiaan Martin van der Hoek
Neutralis Financial Life Planning
Douwe Dijkstra

Willy van Houtrijve
Spiritueel Netwerk Zuid-Limburg
Nic Oosterveer
Stephan Zwahlen



Thank you Frederic Laloux for writing the most amazing management book since years on 'Reinventing Organizations' and sharing so many inspiring stories about organizations doing what so many 'think' is impossible. 


Edicola Publishing. Aernoud Oosterholt and his great team, for always being open and react quickly and professional to manifest beautiful ideas in the world. 

Emy ten Seldam, BRES Magazine, imprint of Edicola Publishing, for believing in Ivo and his often crazy ideas.  

Paul Efmorfidis, founder of COCO-MAT  for showing how to dance on the rhythm of the heart.

Wout Schouten for his enthusiasm sending a press release to the Dutch press (NIJGH Periodieken bv)




Love made visible examples